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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

SEPA - Small scale sewage discharges (e.g. septic tanks or package treatment plants)

Why do small scale sewage discharges have to be regulated?

Where they are properly maintained, individual small scale sewage discharges rarely present a hazard: however, cumulatively, they can potentially have adverse effects on human health, drinking water supplies, shellfish and bathing waters.

Do the regulations apply to me?

If you have a small scale sewage discharges (e.g. septic tanks or package treatment plants) on your property, you must ensure that a registration has been made and it is registered with us.
Proof of registration is required when new properties are being built or existing properties change hands.
Property owners selling existing properties may find that they already have documentation demonstrating that their tank was registered under older environmental legislation – this documentation is acceptable proof, so no further action is needed.

What do I need to do?

New discharges
You can apply onlinefor new sewage discharges from septic tanks (or equivalent) to soakaway or watercourse, from a population equivalent (p.e.) of 15 or less.
For new discharges to watercourse or lochs, you are strongly advised to contact us to discuss treatment options before submitting your application.
For new discharges to full soakaway, you will ordinarily be asked to provide the relevant building warrant application number. For a partial soakaway, a building warrant is not applicable.
Existing discharges
Existing discharges previously regulated by a consent issued under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 (CoPA) are considered to be authorised – if you hold CoPA consent, you do not need to apply again under CAR.
To check if your discharge has CoPA consent, please contact us to request a search of our records or complete the following form. If this check is not carried out prior to applying and it is discovered that a duplicate application has been made, no refund of the application fee will be offered.
If the discharge does not have CoPA consent, then an application under CAR should be made.
You can also apply online for existing sewage discharges from septic tanks (or equivalent) in operation prior to 1 April 2006, to soakaway or watercourses from a population equivalent of 50 or less.

How much will it cost?

The cost of registering a septic tank or small sewage treatment works is £133.00 for all applications.
This is a one-off cost with no ongoing fees.

Apply online or by post

You can apply online for a registration.
If you are new to our online system, follow the link to register. If you are already registered, please enter your login details (scroll down to bottom of page).
When prompted by the system to enter a registration type, select ‘point source discharge’ from the drop down menu.
Alternatively, you can download and complete an application form and return it, with the appropriate fee, by post to your local SEPA office (addresses are listed on the application form).
 We have 30 days to determine your application and will notify you of the outcome by post.

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