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Monday, 22 May 2017

An Introduction to Sewage Pumping Stations

An Introduction to Sewage Pumping Stations

When you’re investing in a septic tank for your home or organisation, it’s important to know about the other elements that can form part of your sewage system.
One of the products we offer here at Septic Tank Supplies are sewage pumping stations, which can be of benefit in domestic and industrial settings alike. But how do these pieces of equipment work and how can they benefit you? Here is everything that you need to know about sewage pumping stations:

Sewage pumping stations

Sewage pumping stations, or pump stations, are factory built sewage solutions made from a GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) and polyethylene chamber. These are easy to install and require little maintenance.
Sewage pumping stations are ideal where the main sewer is accessible but is placed at a higher level to, or some distance from, the domestic foul drain – that is to say, where draining your sewage by gravity is not possible. These stations therefore pump the sewage closer towards the sewer.
Some of the applications for which sewage pumping stations can be used include domestic sewage pumping, as pump sets for sewage treatment plants, 24-hour storage chambers and other bespoke systems. When installed after a septic tank, pump stations can also be used to disperse settled effluent in a water tank, pumping it up to an inspection chamber where it can then flow to a draining stage in the usual way.  
The number of stations needed often depends on the size of the building. Single pump units are usually sufficient for individual houses, while twin pumping systems are more suitable for multiple dwellings.

Types of Pumping stations

The two main suppliers of sewage pumping stations we stock here at Septic Tank Supplies are Klargester and Zoeller. These suppliers’ factory built ranges of pumping systems are ideal solutions for outside buildings, extensions, cellars, pool houses and outdoor toilets.
The sewage pumping stations we stock are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 200L for a small dwelling to a 1600L for properties up to 13 people. The Klargester standard 200L pump station can pump a 2m lift to a distance of 450m or a maximum of 6m lift over a distance of 60m, while the Zoeller Mini can achieve up to a 10m lift.
The Klargester pump station comes complete with float switches, a non-return valve and a compression coupling. An A-Pak High Water Alarm System is a helpful accessory for any pumping station, ensuring that sewage does not build up excessively in the event that the pump fails.

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