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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Difference Between A Septic Tank & Cesspool

At Septic Tank Supplies we get asked daily what the difference is between a septic tank and a cesspool.

The simple answer is that a cesspool has no outlet and all the waste water is stored inside the system and needs to be emptied by a tanker, usually once a month depending on size and usage.
With a septic tank they have an outlet pipe and therefore only store the sludge and all the waste water passes on through the system and out into a soakaway. With a septic tank they are designed to be emptied annually depending on the size and usage this can be longer.

There are two types of cesspools supplied in the United Kingdom, there is domestic sized cesspool and commercial sized cesspool;

·         Domestic cesspools start at 18,000 litres and would cater for two people or a one bed room property and for every extra person another 6,800 litres needs to be added to size. Domestic cesspools are required to hold 45 days storage before requiring emptying.

·         Commercial cesspools are a little bit more tricky to size as you need to work out the flow that will be running into them. Commercial cesspools start at 2,800 litres and go right up to 79,000 litres. For help sizing a commercial cesspool please give us a call on 01923 261660.
             Commercial cesspools are ideal for camp sites, caravan parks and fishing lakes.

Cesspools are usually a last resort due to the size required and the constant need for emptying, but where a site has very little area for a soakaway or a high water table there may be no other solution.

For help sizing a domestic or commercial cesspool or any other drainage product please call us on 01923 261660


  1. Thank you for sharing me the difference of septic tanks and a cesspool. Very much helpful and I would still go for the septic tank.

  2. Thanks for the useful information.