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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Low Profile Septic Tanks

Low profile septic tanks (also known as cylindrical septic tank) have been available on the market now for just over a year and are becoming more and more popular.

The main reason more people are buying the low profile septic tank over the original onion shape septic tank is because, they are half the depth and allow smaller machinery to be able install the low profile septic tank.
Another key factor in the popularity of the low profile septic tank is, because of the shallow depth this allows for a shallower soakaway which in turn is great for areas with high water tables.
At Septic Tank Supplies we are able to offer the Clearwater shallow septic tank which is the cheapest priced shallow septic tank on the market to date. We are also able to offer the Tricel shallow septic tank, which with the right ground conditions only requires a granular backfill saving £££ on the installation.

The low profiles septic tanks have two chambers, the first chamber is there to retain the vast majority of the solid build up (sludge). The second chamber is where the water builds up and leaves the low profile septic tank and goes off to the soakaway.

At Septic Tank Supplies we are able to offer both low profile septic tanks and also low profile sewage treatment plants.

For more information on the low profile septic tank or any other drainage product or query please contact us on 01923 261660

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