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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Klargester Sample Chamber

Half price Klargester/Clearwater sample chamber
Klargester Sample Chamber - Special Offer
This great offer of a half priced Klargester sample chamber is available when purchasing the following;
  • Klargester Septic Tank
  • Clearwater Septic Tank
  • Klargester Pump Station
  • Clearwater Pump Station
  • Any Klargester Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Any Clearwater Sewage Treatment Plant
Sample chambers are larger than access chambers and inspection chambers, typically 500mm diameter and 1000mm deep. They provide access for maintenance equipment and are ideal rodding points.
Inspection chambers should not be confused with sample chambers, an inspection chamber will not allow for rodding or any maintenance.
The Kingspan sample chamber dimensions;
  • Overal depth - 1333mm
  • Inlet depth - 1093mm
  • diameter - 490mm
  • Inlet & outlet pipe diameter 110mm/160mm

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