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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Harlequin - 1,000 Litre Bunded Oil Tank

Harlequin - 1,000 Litre Bunded Oil Tank
Harlequin bunded oil tank 1,000 litre capacity, suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.
Product Summary
All Harlequin oil tanks are manufactured using a premium grade of fuel resistant MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) and are produced using state of the art rotational molding technology. Each tank is fully bunded and exceeds the requirements of the Oil Storage Regulations including a bund capacity greater than 110% of the inner tank volume.
Suitable for most grades of distillate fuels, including burning oil (kerosene), Diesel and Gas Oil. These tanks also conform to OFS T100and hold an ERA2 rating.
Tank Features;
  • 2" Lockable Fill Point with Screw Cap
  • 4” Lockable Inspection Aperture with Plastic Screw Cap
  • 2” Vent ,Lockable Manhole Access
  • Oil Tank Contents Dipstick
  • LRC Fail safe Overfill Prevention Capability
  • 1” BSP Bottom Outlet
  • 32mm Bunged i-Track or Electronic Contents Gauge Hole
Included Is The Apollo Tank Pack 
The Apollo Tank kit not only includes the oil contents gauge, but also practically everything you need to connect your tank to the supply pipe. (Not suitable for underground tanks)
  • Apollo Standard/Apollo Ultrasonic electronic remote oil contents gauge  
  • Isolation ball valve  
  • 52 micron disposable nylon filter element  
  • 10mm copper compression fitting outlet  
  • 10mm copper pipe insert
  • 1" male BSPT tank fitting adaptor
  • Roll of PTFE tape + Heldite pipe sealant (10ml) 
  • Height - 1420mm
  • Diameter - 710mm
  • Length - 2150mm
  • Weight - 130Kg
  • Colour - Forest Green
Optional Equipment;
Tank Installation
All tanks should be installed on a firm flat surface supporting the entire base area of the tank, This base should extend 300mm on all sides.
Please note that the single skin oil tanks do not provide any form of secondary containment. Subsequently, in the event of spillage, a pollution incident will occur. Consideration therefore should be given to installing a bunded oil storage tank (tank within a tank) in order to significantly reduce the likelihood of environmental damage.

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