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Friday, 23 June 2017

Solido Smart Sewage Treatment Plant

The new Solido Smart solution makes decentralised wastewater treatment easier and more efficient than ever before. Trust its high-quality design and durable components to provide long-term performance and peace of mind for you and your family.
  • Low operational costs, offering you long term savings
  • Discrete and silent treatment plant
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs, Solido Smart tanks are lightweight, compact and have low installation depth requirements
  • Fully CE marked, Designed and tested in accordance with EN 12566-3
  • Full compliance with the requirements of SR66:2015
  • HDPE material – Durable, recyclable and impact resistant
Market leading effluent quality of;
  • BOD – 5
  • SS – 13
  • Ammonia – 0.7
How It Works
Solido Smart combines the benefits of an ultra-compact solution with the trusted performances of Solido systems. Integrating an SBR technology comparable to larger municipal applications, the proven technology operates with direct aeration of the wastewater and without the need of a primary treatment. This simple process provides efficient wastewater treatment results without the emission of odurs.
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