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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Septic Tank Supplies Supplies Cemex Uk

Septic Tank Supplies have supplied a 3,800l Septic Tank to Cemex Uk

Onion Septic Tanks

The onion shape septic tank has become the most popular due to it being highly durable and robust.
septic tank is a storage tank which holds and retains all the solid waste & passes on the untreated waste water to a soak away/drainage field.
You are not permitted to drain directly from a septic tank into a watercourse/ditch. You would need to install a sewage treatment plant.
A septic tank works by allowing the solids to settle to the bottom and the effluent to flow out. The outflow from the septic tank usually requires further treatment and this is achieved by soaking it away into the ground, where bacteria in the soil completes the sewage treatment process.
A septic tank will have some kind of baffle to separate the sludge build up from the effluent leaving the septic tank through the outlet.
At Septic Tank Supplies we are proud to offer our customers the best quality products at the cheapest prices found anywhere in the United Kingdom, which make our customers keep coming back.        
In the very rare case if you find the same product cheaper else were we will try our best to price match if not better.
As we are a family run business rather than a franchise, we can maintain competitive pricing on all our products across the board – Because of this we are one of the largest septic tank suppliers in the UK.

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Founded in 1906, CEMEX has grown from a small local player into one of the top global companies in the world.  Following a number of successful acquisitions, CEMEX now has more than 40,000 employees worldwide and has a turnover of around US $15 billion.

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