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Friday, 17 January 2014

Septic Tank Bristle Filter

Bristle Septic Tank Filter

Septic tank filters prevent up to 70% of all suspended solids escaping from the tank into the soakaway.  This helps to protect the soakaway from blockages and clogging.  Our septic tank filters are slot filters.  They simply push into the vertical part of the 'T' piece on the septic tank outlet pipe.

Septic tank soakaways have a lifespan that is limited by the amount of suspended solids - little bits that float around - in the  liquid that comes out of the tank. They are made up of hair, seeds, lint, floating organic matter, etc. The smaller the soakaway soil particles, (soils with clay or silt as part of their structure) the smaller the air spaces in the soil and the faster they block with these suspended solids.
Septic Tank Bristle FilterSeptic tank filters trap these particles and prevent them from clogging the soakaway soil. See the picture opposite. All these particles have been trapped. This filter had been in use for 3 months only.

  • Easy installation just about anywhere.
  • Easy and economical to maintain, even in hard to reach places
  • Excellent filtration for solids, including toilet paper, hair, lint, etc.
  • Bristles self lock into place to prevent filter float up
  • Longer filter life because debris is sorted by size
  • Allows biological maturing necessary in waste water treatment systems
  • Durable enough to be washed out, economical enough to be disposable
  • For use in residential, commercial and other applications
  • Independent testing proves that they trap far more solids than slot filters

The Effluent Filter will require periodic cleaning. This cleaning interval depends on how the system is used. High fat content discharged into the foul drains will dramatically increase the need for cleaning, as will the use of antibacterial products and excess detergents. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned every time the tank is pumped as a minimum. Check the filter every month.
  1. Do not use plumbing whilst the effluent filter is removed.
  2. Use the maintenance sleeve (shown opposite) to prevent effluent exiting the settlement tank whilst the filter is absent.
  3. Pull the effluent filter out of the tee.
  4. Hose off filter over the septic tank.
  5. Make sure all solids fall back into septic tank.
  6. Insert filter back into tee/housing.
These effluent filters push into the vertical part of the outlet pipe in the settlement tank to prevent solids from exiting the tank and clogging the soakaway.

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