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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tricel UK 6

The Tricel UK 6 is suitable up to 6 people
The Tricel sewage treatment plant system was adopted to fulfill a need to provide exceptional wastewater treatment on sites that are unsuitable for a standard septic tank. When BS Standards EN12566-3, was introduced only treatment systems that have received European Certification can be installed.
The waste is treated through a mechanical aeration process. The level of treatment achieved enables the effluent to be discharged into a watercourse subject to receiving the relevant consent to discharge from the local regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency for England and Wales, Scottish Environment Agency for Scotland and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency for Northern Ireland.
Tricel was awarded the CE mark after successfully completing 9 months of rigorous testing by the certified laboratory PIA Gmbh Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology in Aachen, Germany.

The Tricel system only requires a granular bacfill with its standard invert and as long as site conditions alow.
  • No internal moving parts
  • Life time guarantee on the internal cleaning process
  • Very low electrical consumption -  est £56 a year
  • EN12566-1 European Certified
  • Designed in accordance with BS6297:1983
  • Low Profile, requiring a smaller excavation (50% less excavation)

Average running cost only £5 Per Month
If you have any questions or require further advice on the Tricel treatment plant please call us on 01923 261660
Delivery maybe more for certain parts of Scotland & Southern England, please call us

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