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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Septic Tank Conversion Kit

The Marsh Uni:Gem converts your old septic tank into a fully functional sewage treatment plant.
The Uni:Gem unit can be retrofitted to existing septic tanks and failing sewage treatment plants saving hundreds of pounds on purchasing new systems and installing new soakaways.
Installing the Uni:Gem will give you a superior discharge standard which can be designed to suit most discharge requirements from the local water company or Environment Agency.
The Uni:Gem range is designed in engineered glass fibre moulds, to provide the optimal conditions for the formation of biomass for the breakdown of raw sewage. The result of the process will meet current UK legislation together with the future EN standard EN12566-3Marsh Industries is at the fore front of product develop in the sewage and effluent treatment industry.
A minimum effluent quality of 20:30:20 should be achieved.
Marsh Uni:Gem 2 - Converts Your Septic into a Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Silent compressor with housing
  • Variable inverts available
  • Easy de-sludge access
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Compressor alarm & RCD box included free of charge
  • Designed to meet EN12566-6
  • Pump options available
The Uni:Gem only requires a granular or peashingle surround as long as site conditions are faverouable.
  • Height - 2.2m
  • Diameter - 1.1m
  • Weight - 195kg (Empty)
  • Power - 80w
For more information please call us on 01923 261660 or check out our website -


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