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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Reedbed Project Shortlisted For National Award

Domestic Application

A project at a sewage treatment works has been shortlisted for two national awards.

The Somerton Reedbed Project, which removes phosphorous through biochemical reactions between waste water, metal-rich materials and reeds, has been shortlisted in the Green Business Awards in the Green Technology category, which recognises initiatives or products which deliver sustainability benefits.

The scheme has also been shortlisted for a Green Apple Environmental Award, an international campaign which promotes environmental best practice around the world.

Excessive levels of phosphorus in watercourses cause an imbalance in the natural ecosystem, promoting excessive algal growth and devastating aquatic life. The trial at Wessex Water's Somerton sewage works commenced in 2010 to find a sustainable way to remove phosphorus from treated sewage effluent.

Currently, in order to meet strict legal requirements, the firm removes phosphorus from waste water using a traditional process which involves costly chemicals transported from Eastern Europe and South America. The treated effluent is then returned to rivers.

Now a modified reedbed with a different substrate removes phosphorus without the use of additional chemicals or energy.
At Septic Tank Supplies we offer domestic reed beds for secondary treatment after sewage treatment plants.
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