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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks are commonly used in rural areas where properties aren’t connected to sewage pipes. 

A Septic Tank is an onsite sewage facility which decomposes the waste that is discharged into the tank.  Septic Tanks generally consist of a tank of between 2800 and 7500 litres which in turn is attached to a wastepipe.  A septic tank allows the solid waste to settle at the bottom and the liquid then flows out into the ground where the bacteria in the soil completes’ the treatment process. Your septic tank filters any excess sludge that is in the liquid before it leaves the tank. Most domestic septic tanks can build up a years worth of sludge before it needs to be dealt with.   

Septic Tank Supplies are market leaders who offer Septic Tanks to suit every properties needs. It is essential that the right size Septic Tank is used for the amount of occupants in a building. For a household of four people a Septic Tank of 2800 litres would be more than sufficient to deal with all the waste produced, whereas a property with up to fourteen people would need a 4600 litre tank. 
The experienced team at Septic Tank Supplies have been helping private and commercial properties alike for many years.  By discussing your individual needs they are able to ensure that the most sufficient Septic Tank is installed for your property needs.

To find out more visit the Septic Tank Supplies website or contact us on 01442 865708 

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  1. Most Septic System Problems tanks access ports located on the top of the tank so the homeowner can the sludge level to open and check the tank cleaned.

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